WHO “calls for the provision of psychological support for Yemenis because of the continued conflict

August 24, 2016

The World Health Organization, said on Wednesday that the Yemenis increasingly need psychological support because of the continuing conflict in the country since March 2015.

Mr. Ahmed Chadol WHO representative in Yemen, pointed out that the continuation of the conflict in Yemen, “exacerbating the psychological status of the population.”

He said in a report published by the organization on its website: “We are committed to the rehabilitation of the human resource capacity in Yemen, to provide mental health services and psycho-social support for those in need.”

He pointed out that Yemen has only 40 specialists psychiatric, concentrated the majority of them in the capital Sana’a, adding that this figure “does not amount to the size of the pressures of the war, which left more than 3 million internally displaced people, and killed more than 6,600 people since March 2015”.

According to the report, the organization has trained so far 120 health workers, as part of its plan to integrate mental health into primary health care services.

The report disclosed a plan for the organization, which aims to develop the capacities of 200 health workers across the country.

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