“Human Rights Watch” demanding the Human Rights Council to initiate an international investigation into the abuses in Yemen”

August 28, 2016


“Human Rights Watch”,  organization demanded the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, immediately start an international investigation into violations in Yemen.

A day after the call of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the need to open an international investigation into war crimes committed in Yemen crimes and stop arming the parties to the conflict, Human Rights Watch stressed that it should not wait for the civilian victims Yemenis, “even for a moment more to be effective and credible investigation into these violations.” .

Mr. John Fisher, director of the Geneva office of Human Rights Watch, said that the Yemenis suffering from “serious violations of the laws of war.”

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Description of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, in a report issued in Geneva on August 25, 2016, the effects of the conflict on civilians in Yemen as “devastating.”

Carry-led coalition in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the major responsibility of more than 3799 civilians killed and wounded 6711 to now, the coalition is also committed other violations.

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According to Human Rights Watch, said that the recommendations contained in the report reinforce calls by the non-governmental organizations, including Human Rights Watch, the Human Rights Council to conduct an independent international investigation into the alleged violations, and to certain countries to stop arming the parties to the conflict, which is known to violate the laws of war.

The High Commissioner also said, that the air raids of the alliance led by Saudi Arabia hit schools, hospitals, markets, weddings, residential buildings, public and private infrastructure, and the imposition of the blockade and restrictions air, land and sea have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, and may be used cluster munitions.

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And documented by Human Rights Watch and “Amnesty International” alone, more than 70 illegal raid of the alliance some of which may amount to war crimes, and killed more than 900 civilians, in addition to the 19 attack internationally banned cluster bombs.

Human Rights Watch Said , “The Human Rights Council missed crucial opportunities to address the alleged violations in Yemen since the beginning of the conflict. Council adopted on October 2, 2015 unanimous decision marred by significant flaws, ignoring previous calls for an international investigation into the escalating violations in the country, which calls for the High Commissioner. Instead, the Council of the National Committee supported the Yemeni, established by President Hadi in September 2015.

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And it found the High Commissioner’s report, that “the Commission does not have the cooperation of all parties concerned, and can not work in all parts of Yemen. And therefore it is able to implement its mandate in accordance with international standards.

Human Rights Watch said: “Non-governmental organizations also reiterated its call for the United States, Britain and France to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia to limit air strikes illegal in Yemen and check the credibility of the alleged violations. Enhances these calls High Commissioner’s statement that the international community “to use his influence to prevent and end violations, and to refrain from encouraging or arming the parties to the conflict.”

Fisher said: “The UN Human Rights Council, the body leading human rights in the world, not to turn his back on Yemeni civilians, and to achieve justice they deserve. By ensuring that egregious violations in Yemen will not pass without any accountability. “

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