International Day of the Disappeared: indifference to human tragedy

August 31, 2016

International Day of the Disappeared: indifference to human tragedy

August 31, 2016

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Mr. “Peter Maurer” governments to quickly address the humanitarian issue of missing persons: those who disappeared during the armed conflict or other situations of violence, natural disasters or migration.

Mr. “Maurer” with the approach of the International Day of the Disappeared on August 30, there must be a concerted effort in order to clarify the fate of missing persons, documented and provide answers and effective support for the families they left behind them.

Mr. “Maurer” He added: “This is a tragedy harm millions of people, but still collide not recognized and tolerated., And raises the indifference of this consternation, often disappearances constitutes a sensitive issue socially and politically, but this does not justify the failure to act, and to be governments need to mobilize the necessary political will to provide the answers, you should take steps to prevent the disappearance of persons, and collect all the information available when the disappearance actually happen, because this information may help later on to provide answers to families and other loved ones.

The exact number of missing persons in all parts of the world is unknown, but the International Committee assessed by at least hundreds of thousands, including fighters who have lost while performing their duties, children who are separated from their families as they fled from their homes, or were forced to join armed groups, and detainees who are unable to contact their families, and internally displaced people, migrants who have lost contact with their loved ones, it should be borne in mind that large numbers of people are at risk of disappearing every year.

Lack of accurate figures in itself is part of the problem. However, the figures may not reflect the depth of the suffering of all involved cases of disappearances. Thus, the frequent to ignore the issue of missing persons – full size of the problem and its impact on families, communities and societies as a whole – should be a source of great concern.

The ICRC calls on governments to strengthen their responses, and the establishment of appropriate legal frameworks and the necessary systems and procedures, and clarify the fate of the registered missing, and to provide effective support for families.

Mr. “Maurer”: “We should take advantage of the powerful and capable on occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared solutions to reaffirm their commitment to the issue of assistance. Imagine the amount of pain caused by the continuing lack of certainty, without to know what happened to someone dear to you. I appeal to the name of humanity to do your more in this regard. “

* Source: International Committee of the Red Cross site

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