Train 20 activists around the monitoring and documentation of human rights violations and war crimes in Yemen

August 22, 2016

Began in Sana’a today, the activities of the training course and for monitoring and documentation in the field of human rights, for civil society organizations, which organized over a six-day by Middle East Foundation for Development and Human Rights.

Course aims which 20 trainees from human rights activists participate, to enhance the capabilities and skills of the trainees about the monitoring and documentation and work with international justice and advocacy mechanisms, as well as to familiarize the trainees with the skills to monitor and document the crimes and violations and writing human rights reports

President of the Foundation, Mr. Abdullah Allaw, explained that the course is part of a project to promote the concept of accountability and no impunity for violators of human rights and war crimes in Yemen.

What is implemented by the Foundation aims to strengthen the role of the United Nations mechanisms of accountability for perpetrators of human rights and war crimes violations and work to build the capacity and skills of activists, lawyers and legal experts in the field of monitoring, documentation and reporting, support and communication to work with the project.

In addition to contributing to put an end to repeat the crimes through advocacy and effective follow-up to support accountability and no impunity for the perpetrators of crimes., As well as contribute to a typical document the crimes varied, as a model for crimes violations committed in Yemen and in accordance with international legal classification and Rome system.

As well as constitute a collective effort and the work of organized civil specialist to do the follow-up and advocacy to achieve accountability and not impunity of perpetrators of violations and war crimes in Yemen.

Participants receive in the course many of knowledge and information on international humanitarian law and its relationship to the international human rights law as well as the terms used in the monitoring and documentation as well as for monitoring, documentation and reporting principles, and other legal information.

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