United Nations: Saudi alliance strikes caused the deaths and the injury of more than 10 thousand civilians in Yemen

August 25, 2016

United Nations revealed on Thursday that the Saudi alliance strikes on Yemen caused the deaths and the injury of more than 10 thousand civilians. According to a UN report, that “the Saudia Arabia-led coalition strikes on Yemen is the biggest reason behind the killing of 3799 civilians and wounded 6711 in the war so far.”

The report added that “the Saudi alliance used cluster munitions in residential areas in Yemen, which could reach the level of a violation of international humanitarian law.” The document reports the coalition air strikes between March 2015 and February 2016.13 civilian economic facilities, including factories, warehouses and commercial farm and power plants.

The report said that at least seven million six hundred thousand people, at least, of whom three million women and children currently suffer from malnutrition and at least three million more people were forced to flee their homes.

The report, entitled “The continuation of the conflict and its devastating effects on the population in Yemen,” the international community a legal and moral duty to take urgent steps to alleviate the horrendous human desperation levels.

High Commissioner Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein said that civilians in Yemen have suffered unbearable and over the years from the effects of a number of overlapping armed conflicts at the same time.

He added that the Yemenis are still suffering, in the absence of any form of accountability and justice, while those responsible for the violations and abuses, impunity.

“It can no longer be silent about such an unjust situation and that the international community delayed in responding to him for a long time.”

The facilities were targeted by air strikes produce, store or distribute goods to civilians, including food, medicine, electricity, a material that was scarce even before the war in Yemen, which is one of the poorest countries of the Middle East. This was the combined facilities employ more than 2,500 people. Because of those raids, many factories have stopped production, and lost their source of livelihood of hundreds of workers.

International law prohibits the deliberate targeting of civilian objects and attacks that do not distinguish between military and civilian targets and attacks that cause damage to civilian objects which is disproportionate to the expected military gain.

Source: United Nations site

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