Condemning Statement

the Middle East Foundation For Development And Human Rights (MEFDHR) condemns the media incitement that practiced by the Saudi-led coalition on the port of Hodeida. The Saudi-led coalition published fabricated news saying that the Houthis and forces loyal them are using the port to launch military operations.

The Foundation expresses its strong dissatisfaction with what is happening to the Hodeida port by the Saudi-led coalition and make it a military targets while the port has a civilian and humanitarian work despite the challenges.

The Foundation surprised about the pro-Saudi alliance media inciting the port that is practicing its humanitarian work and has the international system of port security (ISPS) and observers from the United Nation.

Foundation confirms that Hodeida port is considered a key tributary depends on it 70 percent of the Yemeni people in the arrival of food and medicine under the unjust blockade imposed by the countries of aggression by air and land.

The MEFDHR emphasize that the incitement to target Hodeida port is a violation of all international conventions to civilian ports, as well as the Geneva Conventions that considered a war crime against humanity and the Yemeni people.

The Foundation said that the United Nations and the international community are responsible of the port threat by the Saudi-led coalition, they have to play their role and provide international guarantees that prevent its targets and lift the blockade imposed on it.

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