About us

The definition

Middle East Development and Human Rights Foundation is an independent and non-profit NGO that promotes and protects human rights, peaceful coexistence, equality without any discrimination. It works with government and other partners to enforce the rule of law through raising public awareness about human rights, in accordance with the internationally agreed upon human rights principles and conventions.

Our Message

Cooperate with public and private sector, and international organizations in order to develop policies and regulations that promote human rights.

Overall objective

We want our community to enjoy equality and justice under the rule of law without discrimination, similar to the communities in developed and successful countries.


1. Enhancing the awareness of principals and concepts of human rights.
2. Work on developing the partnership between the government and private sector to increase the commitments towards the human rights.
3. Provide a vision for developing the legislation and regulations, policies and mechanisms of human rights.
4. Work on enhancing and building the capacity and skills of youths and the activists of human rights in the government and society.
5. Contributing in the empowerment of poor, marginalized, and minorities.
6. Work on the programs of improving youths economically, as a part of human rights.

Our Mission

Working on training, rehabilitation and building the capacities and skills of youth and activists in order to spread a culture of peaceful coexistence and promote human rights and the rule of law, in addition to coordinating with the government to hold discussion meetings about developing policies and legislations that would promote human rights.

Our values

• Human rights are guarantee in all religions and conventions.
• Team work, and utilizing the youth's energy
• No discrimination
• Empowering marginalized people and minorities
• It's out of our moral, humanitarian and national responsibilities
• Open opportunities for participation and innovation
• Punctuality
• Learning from others' experiences
• Transparency

Our Approach

Strategic planning to achieve our objectives, includes data gathering and analysis, making thorough studies about our problems and needs with regard to human rights, and provide effective solutions.


MEFDHR was established in 2009 under registration number 290. Our headquarter is in the Republic of Yemen. We are working with regional and international partners of NGOs. We have local and international consultative experts supporting the continuation of our organization's work to achieve a democratic transition.

Our Address

Republic of Yemen
Sana’a- Cairo St.
•    Phone number: 009671239948
•    website: www.mefdhr.org
•    Email: info@medfhr.org

Organizational Chart

_ The head of the institution
_ Executive manager
_ Program Officer
_ Financial officer
_ Official communication
_ Administrative Officer