Statement of condemnation of the attack of the military alliance led by Saudi Arabia on the city of Hodeidah


The Middle East Foundation for Development and Human Rights (MEFDHR) condemns the land, sea and air attack led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on the province of Hodeidah in western Yemen, as well as imposing a siege on the city and causing a great humanitarian tragedy among civilians.

MEFDHR asserts that the air attacks by the Saudi-led coalition aircraft on Hodeidah neighborhoods and health facilities are a grave violation of international humanitarian law, the aggravation of human suffering, the forced displacement of the civilian population under the auspices of the international community and the inability of the United Nations to achieve the minimum standards of protection for civilians from aerial bombardments and neighborhoods.
The MEFDHR renewed its strong condemnation of the bombing of residential neighborhoods and the targeting of citizens’ vehicles by the military alliance led by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi alliance aircraft bombed a car carrying civilian displaced persons and killed children and women. In addition, naval battleships shelled the coast of Hodeidah and nearby residential areas. Prompting more than 100,000 people to flee under difficult conditions for civilians.
The organization considered the siege imposed by the Saudi-led coalition forces four years ago and stopped the Port of Hodeidah as a result of the attack on the province and the failure of the organizations to pay attention to the humanitarian situation in Hodeidah and not to allow the delivery of food and medical aid to the population of the city of Hodeidah.

The Foundation calls on all humanitarian organizations to urgently rescue thousands of the population and provide food and health assistance to the people of the affected province and to set up camps to house the displaced and establish medical camps for families displaced by the war in the province.

We appeal to the international and humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and the Human Rights Council to speed up the protection of civilians and to save the humanitarian situation in the province of Hodeidah, which is under bombardment and killing civilians. We call for a presentation of the humanitarian situation of the Human Rights Council at its 38th session this month.

We also call upon the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to do its duty to condemn the suffering of civilians in Hodeidah and to call upon the coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to abide by the principles of international humanitarian law and spare civilians and residential areas the scourge of aerial and naval bombardment and direct targeting of poor civilians unable to move.
As these acts are war crimes and expose the participating countries to accountability and impunity.
The organization stressed the importance of the United Nations to shoulder its responsibility to stop the war and to support peace and dialogue between Yemenis without interference from countries that support the war alliance against Yemen.

19th June, 2018

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